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Overview - Mitigation Impact Screening Tool (MIST)

PLEASE NOTE: The MIST website will be shut down on July 1, 2014. The data and assumptions used in the tool were last updated in 2005, and its outputs may no longer be accurate or relevant. If you would like to be notified of future developments, including any plans to develop an updated version, please subscribe to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Heat Island newsletter. If you have further questions, please use the Contact Us form on EPA's Heat Island Effect site.

The Mitigation Impact Screening Tool (MIST) is intended to provide qualitatively accurate assessments of the likely impacts of heat island mitigation strategies averaged at the city-scale. All results presented in this tool were obtained using state-of-the-science modeling tools. Nevertheless, the required assumptions and approximations dictate that the results presented by MIST are qualitative in nature.

The mitigation strategies investigated include increasing urban albedo and/or increasing urban vegetative cover. MIST also allows investigation of average temperature reduction and produces estimates of the resulting impacts on ozone and energy consumption. The user may enter both positive or negative values to represent the desired level of change in albedo, vegetation, or temperature.

There are three basic steps involved in running MIST

    1. Select the city to model

    2. Define the mitigation strategy to test

    3. Estimate the impacts on  meteorology, air quality, and energy

It should be emphasized that this tool is intended for screening purposes only. The research upon which it is based necessarily incorporates a number of assumptions and MIST makes further assumptions and interpolation/extrapolation to make the results widely applicable for a large number of cities and a wide range of mitigation strategies.

Follow the links on the left under Help for detailed explanations of each step at any time.  To return to the Screening Tool at any time, follow the Screening Tool link at the upper left, or click your browser's Back button.

To begin using the Screening Tool, click the link below:

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Advanced users seeking more detailed information on this and other topics related to the scientific and modeling underpinnings of the MIST software tool should read the detailed model description document that can be downloaded from the MIST website under Resources - Detailed Help Document (PDF).


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